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What Matters Now  (Music by Lyndon Samuel/Lyrics by Robert Gould)

What Matters Now (Music by Lyndon Samuel/Lyrics by Robert Gould)

'What Matters Now' A song for these strange times, 'What Matters Now' brings together a glittering array of performers from Musical Theatre and Classical. A huge thanks to the amazing artists for giving their time and talent (in order or appearance) Kelsey Walsh Claudia Moscoso Daniel Ghezzi Franz Rojas Lily De La Haye Louise Kempson Ceris Hine Bruno Soares Louisa Alice-Rose Wictor Koch If you are able to, it would be wonderful if you could perhaps donate to one of these excellent charities, who are doing fantastic work to help support artists who are currently out of work while our theatres remain closed, as we wait, in hope, for them to reopen again sometime. Acting For Others Acting for Others provides financial and emotional support to all theatre workers in times of need through the 14 member charities.   Donation link:   Instagram @actingforothers Twitter @ActingforOthers Facebook: Acting4Others Fund For Freelancers (from Paul Taylor-Mills) "The Turbine Theatre is a charity led by an incredible board in Helen Clarkson, Sasha Regan, Sita McIntosh and myself. If you’re in need of financial support then all you need to do is email : with a few sentences about your situation. All emails will be kept completely confidential. The board will draw funds every ten days depending on how our fundraising efforts are going and will prioritise donations at their discrestion. It could be a little, it could be a lot. That said, the only way to get through this nightmare is for us all to hold each other up in the hope that lots of small endeavours will make the burden easier to manage." Donation link: Lyndon Samuel:Twitter: @Lyndon Samuel; Facebook: lyndonsamuelmusic Robert Gould: Twitter: @bobwordsmith AR Productions: instagram: @aleroproductions Twitter @aleroproduction

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